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TV, Film and Fashion


Like all other art forms, fashion has many influences, and one of those I have been thinking about and experimenting with over the last few months is film. Films and tv shows move me emotionally and - i hate to say the word because it's so overused nowadays - aesthetically, and when I watch something that is styled really well and is to my taste, I will go through scene by scene and try to find an outfit similar to that in my wardrobe. Well, not really, but basically. Whether it's the costumes, hair, makeup, setting, each film comes with a certain tone to it. What, I'm trying to say is: film and tv really influence what I wear.

This is actually my favourite film! I discovered it in February and instantly fell in love. It's a lil indie film set in Scotland about these three young adults who make a band and nothing really happens but it's just beautiful. The way Eve and Cassie dress is just how I want all my outfits to look. The themes in this film are really interesting, too, and it's just such an incredible movie. Also, being a musical junkie, the slightly weird but happy and catchy music in this makes me very happy.

I think the most effective way to channel the vibes and tone of a certain film is to take certain elements and channel them into your outfits. For example, there's a lot of vintage dresses in this film.

However, there are times when I do purposefully seek out to recreate a character, and Cassie from Skins is the perfect example. Sometimes I just really feel like channelling the style and ways of a certain character. The way she pairs vintage dresses and sports jackets together and clashes prints just has me written all over it. 

But, however much I channel a character, there will always be some of my own style and personality left there, which will never go away. It's about incorporating film and tv into what you wear, not neatly replicating it. 

80s schooldays nostalgia - just get your parents to watch an episode or two with you. Also, I don't even care what anyone says, Kim Kelly is number one style icon forever. This tv show really pleases me - *gags* - aesthetically, and also makes me feel really happy. Even though the show only lasted a season, which definitely does not make me happy, it centres on Lindsay Weir trying to find herself and experimenting. That theme runs through most of these, but this show stands out to me.


I am so obsessed with this film. It's on Netflix - I know, something's on British netflix wtf - so watch it. The visuals of the film, the storyline, the fashion, even the acting is a solid 10/10 from me. It's super super 70s, loads of flared jeans and mickey mouse tees. There's something so effortless about the fashion in this film, kinda similar to that of Freaks and Geeks, which just makes me want to wear everything Minnie wears.

So, to sum everything up, my main source of style inspiration comes from the tv and film I watch. I've actually been asked that quite a lot recently. It's fun, recreating a look of a character you love, even if it's out of your comfort zone or keeping with your personal style. I'd love to know your thoughts, and what films inspire you fashion-wise?

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  1. I love Skins and Freaks and Geeks so going to give the others a watch as I feel we have similar taste!