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Things I Love Right Now


Hello everyone and WELCOME... to my 'favourites'. But not because I really don't like those. Anyway, I'd just thought I'd share with you some stuff I literally love, and it also doubles as a gift guide. Two gift guides in a row (basically), you lucky lucky things.

The first thing is a positive energy candle which I'm pretty sure is for the heart chakra. I love this because it smells insane, and when you have a hard day it's the best thing to come home to this. This is also amazing for yoga and meditation, which I would do if I had time at the mooooment.

The new Lush Snow Fairy body conditioner is beautiful. My favourite thing to do right now is to use the snow fairy shower gel, the fairy dust dusting powder and then this, and it's the ultimate snow fairy candy floss christmassy experience.

Two skincare thaaaaangs. The Pacifica 'Glow Baby' scrub is my favourite thing I've ever put on my face. It has coconut, walnut, rose hips and flax, so it smell incredible. Buuuut lemme tell you it leaves your skin feeling so smooth and clean. I've basically used the same two products on my skin since April, so this is really lovely as it's quite gentle. The second thing is the infamous Mario Badescu facial spray. This is super refreshing and I don't really see it's purpose but it smells great so.

I'm loving using eucalyptus oil - well, any oil but I put lavender oil on my pillow and tea tree oil on my face - on my body. It's so so so soothing and rejuvenating, and it smells beautiful.

In a time where my hair is dry, breaking and frizzy, an invisibobble comes to my rescue to create the perfect low bun <3

Lastly, I think I've eaten approx 283598437895 chilli rice crackers this week xoxo

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  1. How are your photos so great, I'm jealous. I love lavender essential oil, I buy mine from holland & barrats- I'm going to try out and find the tea tree oil because these breakouts are treating me like a mug cri
    your truly,

    1. b ty, tea tree oil is the best spot treatment ever, and it's like £2

  2. Love love love

  3. no get salt and vinegar rice crackers BOOIIIIIIII dey so nice but dey are too expensive (LIKE £3 LOL BYE) <333333