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Gift Guide For Erryone



Okay, secret santa is a pain. Most of the time you don't even know the person and it's impossible to buy for them. BUT, don't you worry, I got ya with a gift guide for, literally, everyone. There's a HUGE range of prices here, and most of them you can edit to fit gender/personality/preference etc. For example, you can get a vinyl of your choice, and the water bottle comes in loads of different patterns. I really hope this is helpful - most of the gift guides I'm seeing now are all makeup or all in the hundreds.. nah.

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  1. I've been forced to do secret santa with people I don't even like, they're gonna be in for a shock at the exchange when I turn up with a McDonalds £1.99 coupon mate. That water bottle is actually so cute tho

    1. tbh i'd be happy to receive that, give me the fries

      Edie x

  2. (guess whose backkk - soz I’m on a spam edie moment ;) I luv the water bottle ThEn I click on the link to find out it is thirty f i v e dollars lol lol lol I’ll stick wiv Tesco boii.

    u da best