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making sea spray


Howdy folks. Today imma be makin some sea spray innit. It's always sad when you wake up and you try to use your favourite product but it's all gone. I recently experienced this with my sea spray from Lush. It's the holy grail of hair products and for around a week my hair made me go bleeuurgh every time I touched it or saw it in the mirror. But, I have taken a wild guess at what might be in it to make some of my own sea spray ( or something vaguely similar ).

You'll Probably Not Need

  • the empty bottle that used to contain your sea spray ( or just an empty bottle with a nozzle spray thing at the top ). Make sure it's completely cleaned out too before you go putting washing up liquid on your hair 
  • some pretty warm water ( just enough to fill your bottle )
  • a tea spoon of some sort of hair oil ( macadamia etc ). I didn't actually have any, so I just used a few sprays of a sun protector hair moisturiser thing. Anything that leaves your hair super soft.
  • half a teaspoon of any hair product that smells nice - hair mousturiser, hair balm, maybe even a blob of conditioner. I used an aussie conditioner spray.
  • a few drops of lemon juice. This one's optional, but as I'm in a very sunny country at the moment, I thought I'd take advantage and make my hair a little blonder. If that's possible.
  • something to put on the front bottle to remind yourself it's sea spray and not what it previously was.
                                       ...mix it all together...
                                             ...give it a shake...

and done.

I hope y'all enjoyed my diy, let me know if you're gonna give it a go.

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