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a very intense wish list



Please excuse the blurry, bad quality collage. I was in a rush putting it together because the computer was on 11% and if it turned off all the links and pictures would be lost and I couldn't find the charger. Hard times. I thought it high time for a wish list as I'm one of those people who have loads of things they want but never write them down and end up asking for socks for Christmas ( what? ).

I find these kind of posts really helpful, especially when there are discounts floating around, so I though I'd add mine to the mix. There's TOO MUCH STUFF on Topshop ( not a bad thing ), but a quick look on the website turns out to be a two hour t-shirt shopping spree. I AM GETTING THAT TUNIC TOP. I did see it in Topshop when I was was with my mum and freaked out a bit, she made a face and refused to buy it ( I was broke ), I cried a bit and added it the the wish list. Also a cable knit jumper because I need a super warm one and I love the look of it ( and the colour ). I also am in desperate need of the lovely shell print tee, I think it would look amazing under the soon-to-be jumper. 

The other items are equally dreamy, but my money won't stretch that far, sadly.
p.s - just to add to it, there are some magazines I need subscriptions to. Frankie, Betty, Majestic Disorder and Oh Comedy. Also a little black cami would be nice. Oh, Edie, you need to stop now.
pps - I would also like this and this but the chances of that happening are 0%.

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