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gingham and lace


                                                                                             top - Topshop
choker - Topshop
leggings - Primark

I've had my hair in a bun for 2 days and when I took it out it was all puffy and frizzy and I thought it looked cool and 60s to go with the monochrome but it just looks like a lion's mane really.
I love the 60s fashion. Up until then nobody wore anything exciting, then BAM - mini skirts were introduced, psychedelic prints were everywhere and mixing prints started, which is something I really want to try. And most importantly, tie-dye and paisley print. I love love love tie-dye. I say this not owning anything like that. They have super nice oversized tie-dye shirts in Urban Outfitters, which I'll definitely buy when if I have enough money. As for paisley, I'm still looking for that perfect smock dress.
Now onto what's actually in the post. I love the contrast of the black and white and I think it's such a statement, something I love wearing in summer. I'm still not sure wether I like the lace back of this top, or if it goes with the gingham but this could be an experiment for mixing prints. Overload of 60s clothing to wear for the summer? Yes please.


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