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Another tumblr post. God help me. My hair is the hardest thing to manage - the length is incredibly awkward as the hairdresser chopped it all off ( I asked for a trim ). My fringe is at that stage where its's almost too long to wear down so I have to tie it up but it falls out in seperate strands. Now I hardly ever have my hair down. And it grows painfully slowly. I can still dream of having long purple hair, but there are some styles that work. I love twists on simple hairstyles, like fishtail plaits or ponytails, but intricate plaits have always been my favourite. If I ever learn how to do any other interesting plait apart from a waterfall braid it'll be all I'm wearing in my hair.

now playing: hard to explain the strokes/montezuma fleet foxes/blame it on me george ezra

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