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a week of a four year old's outfits


sniffing callipos/casually wearing my top/hello kitty obsessive/more hello kitty

   forgetting to button up the cardigan/my sister's leggings as a scarf/ maxi dresses and flamingos/kitty hat

Let me introduce you to Sylvie, my slightly mad four year old sister. As well as being adorable, sweet and hilarious, she is a serious style icon, as you can see. I made an agreement with my mum to let her wear what ever she wanted for a week, and she came up with some.. interesting outfits. Using leggings, as a scarf, well that's gonna be a trend soon ( !? ). And sometimes I think she looks better in my american apparel top than me.
She was watching me write this, just so you know. She can't read very well, but if looks could kill!!

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