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I love summer. You basically get away with wearing anything - you could just throw on some shorts and a crop top and that was it done. Life was easy. But now it's cold I'm in a bit of a kerfuffle, if you will. I usually have to wear tights to school, and that sometimes is a good idea. It's freezing in the mornings when I get the bus, but by the end of the day it's 19 degrees!? And it's too cold to wear socks. So what have I done? I've gone blog surfing, and realised I really need to invest in some mom jeans, lots of jumpers to layer, and some basics. I have none of these ( yay - I don't really ever have the need to wear a black cami or white vest top, the mis-matched clothing style doesn't require these ). A chunky jumper would be good too, because I ALWAYS end up freezing when I go out without one. BRING A JUMPER OR CARDIGAN WITH YOU WHEN GOING OUT. I'm going to desperate measures now to grow my hair so I can wear beanies. I tried last year but ended up looking like I was bald.

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