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pop art make-up tutorial


1. Start off by doing your normal concealer, powder, foundation etc routine.

2. Use a white eye shadow base all over your lids. This makes the colour brighter and stay for longer.
3. Use a very bright eye shadow all over your lids. Preferably not a blue or pink one, as it tends to look a bit funny with the lips and tears.

4. Use a ridiculous amount of blush all along your cheeks - trust me, it looks so good under the white dots.
5. Use the eye shadow base to draw out the shape of some tears, and go over it with some light blue eye shadow.
7. Put on a heavy layer of eyeliner and mascara.  I'm pants at handling eyeliner so I did a fairly light layer.

7. Use the eye shadow base to put rows of dots on your face.
8. Using the eyeliner, contour whatever you want on your face - nose, cheeks, eyes. You could do your chin, but I don't really like how that looks. Fill in your eyebrows in a worried sort of shape.

9. Put on a really really bright pink lipstick, and using a cotton bud, put a bit of the eye shadow base on one corner to create a shine line. Finally, outline your lips with the eyeliner.

I hope you enjoyed this sort of Halloweeny make-up tutorial, I know it wasn't that great but I love how it turned out. I'm in no way claiming this to be original, it's been done by so many people, but this is my take on it and I really wanted to try it out.

Products used

Maybelline fit me concealer and powder
Maybelline dream fresh bb cream
Nyx jumbo eye pencil in milk
Sleek ultra mattes bright palette
Sleek blush palette in pink lemonade
Collection fast stroke liquid liner
Benefit they're real mascara
Buxom gloss in exhibitionist 

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