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Collection 'No Clumps'  Mascara
If there's one makeup product I couldn't live without, it's mascara. It widens your eyes, and I feel ridiculous without even a smidgen of it on, as my eyelashes are quite light, which is why I'm always adding new ones to my collection.
I picked this up in superdrug last month for around £3, which is amazing. After taking a look at the brush in store, I knew I was onto a winner. It had no clumps that I had to scrape off on the end, like 'They're Real' or 'Big Eyes'. When I applied it, my lashes were so defined, long, yet not too spidery, which is desperately rare these days.
This is definitely something I'm going to be repurchasing. I really want to try out some other collection mascaras to see how they compare to this one.

A Monster Calls - Patrick Ness
I. Love. This. Book. I've always been a fan of Patrick Ness. So is my mum, who is possibly the biggest bookworm ever known to man. When she raved about this to me, I thought I'd give it a read. The idea for A Monster Calls came from the writer Siobhan Dowd, who was unable to finish the book due to a terminal illness.
It's based around a 13 year old boy called Connor O'Malley, who's parents are divorced. He lives with his mum who has cancer, and his dad is living in America with his new wife and baby. He deals with terrible bullies every day, and has to take care of himself. Every night, a tree monster appears outside Connor's window, and tells him a series of stories, that relate to events in his own life. The monster wants something from Connor, and he won't tell him what it is, but he won't be left alone until the monster gets it.
This book will leave you in awe.
Get it.
Love it.
Thank me later.

These girls don't need more attention, they are in fact very well-known, but I needed to mention them as I have been loving their music lately.
I'm not usually a fan of girl-bands, but Haim is definitely an exception. Not only is there music incredible, but they have such a unique sound. Oh, they're also incredible style icons, and I would pay big money for their level of clothing and all-rounded coolness ( can you hear the 9 year old in my voice? ).

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