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halloween diys


I thought it would be nice to do some quick and easy diys for y'all today. I usually find it impossible to find successful things to do without going to Mars and back, so hopefully this will help you out!

Glitter Pumpkin

What you'll need:
  • a pumpkin ( real or faux - they both work )
  • pva/liquid glue
  • rainbow glitter
  • newspaper
  • a paintbrush
1. Put some newspaper down on a surface.
2. Squeeze some glue on top of the pumpkin ( mine was a faux plastic one for £1 from asda ), spread it out and neaten it up with the paintbrush. Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect. It's got to look fairly random and un-coordinated so the glitter stands out.

3. Here's the fun part. You can go wild with all that glitter ( yaaaaay ). I find it looks best if each drip is a different colour, but I'm sure a mix would look amazing too. Just make sure you cover all the glue.

4. Let the glue dry, then use a paintbrush to sweep of the excess glitter.

And here's the finished look. Not the completely finished look, as it was left out in the rain before the glue dried ( oops ). This would look great by itself or next to a traditional carved pumpkin. It was so easy to make, and I'm sure if you made this the night before Halloween it would be ready by then. Bonus, it's glittery.

Pumpkin Nails

The next diy is almost too cliche for me to post, as pumpkins are the most famous Halloween food ever, but it's too cute not to.

You will need:
  • A basic/nude polish
  • Dark and light orange polish
  • A thin brush or nail art tool
  • Brown polish
  • Green polish
  • A topcoat 
1. Paint your nail with two coats of the nude polish. White or light brown would work too.
2. Paint a semi-circle of the darker shade of orange on the top of your nails.
3. Using a thin brush or a nail striper and the lighter shade of orange, paint stripes so it looks like the pumpkin is curved.
4. Paint a brown stem, and a spiral of green.
5. Finish with a topcoat to seal your design.

Alien Mocktail Drink

glasses from asda
You will need:

  • An orange drink - I cheated and used fanta.
  • Cool Glasses
  • Alien/ghost marshmallows or any other Halloween themed food that will slip onto the glass.
All you need to do is pour the drink into the glass and slip the marshmallows on the side. It's so easy but SO ADORABLE.

Those were some Halloween diys I've done so far. Please let me know if you're going to re-create any of them.

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