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buying things from peoples' car boots


One thing I really REALLY love is car boot sales. Just around the corner from my house, one takes place on the first Sunday of every month in a school's sports grounds. It's incredible, seeing the whole place packed with stalls, ranging from complete, utter, smelly tack to mind-blowing antiques, and of course the odd beauty stand with NARS PRODUCTS FOR £2. I would say I love them so much for the same reason as vintage shops. It seems amazing to me, that someone before me owned the item, it has a history. Sounds cheesy, it is.
Last Sunday, me and Aimee decided to go for a quick look around. We were there for almost three hours. One of the only bad things about car boot sales, is that sometimes they're incredible, with bargains and loads of great things you can buy, and the majority of times I go, it's just rubbish. Although, I think every time I've been so far, I managed somehow to pick up at least one item.
Originally, I was planning to do a haul-y type post, but I set everything up already and it would be a huge fuss to get it all in one place. Out of the many things I bought, one was a gorgeous vintage tea-party book, with cake recipes, good places to buy pretty table-clothes and everything else in between. I'm sure it will come in handy one day, but I confess I mainly bought it for the cover.

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