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chocolate raspberries


As the pure freezing-ness of winter is nearly in full-blow, it's time to take advantage of the leftover fruit. This is more of a summery snack, but chocolate is for all seasons. This is such a simple recipe it's almost too easy to post, but I feel like more people should know about chocolate raspberries, as they taste amazing.

You will need:
Melted chocolate
Some raspberries
A working freezer

  1. Melt some chocolate. I find that dark chocolate tastes best with the raspberries ( I used a cadburies fruit and nut bar, if you're wondering why the chocolate it so lumpy - not the best idea ).
  2. Scoop it into the raspberries. You don't have to be careful at all with this, it will freeze right through, and the more chocolate the better.
  3. Put them in the freezer for around 10 minutes ( 15-20 if you want them to be frozen solid, which is nice too ).
  4. Put them on a new plate if necessary, to make it look nice without all the chocolate stains.

Enjoy! Told you this was easy.

ps - I'm working on putting together a Halloween Week. From the 25th October, I'm going to be posting Halloween themed every day up until the 31st, when I'm going to be doing a big big post. It's been really fun so far, and I hope you enjoy it once it's up!

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