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holding onto Christmas ft. The Little Jewellery Company


jumper - rokit
leggings - american apparel
shoes - new look ( old )

'Christmas is well and truly over' she sobbed. I needed a little bit of festivity in my life and I'm sure you did too, so here.
I didn't actually dress too Christmassy on the 25th but if I did this is probably what I'd wear - you can never go wrong with a classic Christmas jumper. I was in Rokit with my mum looking for a suede jacket and saw this and has one of those I NEED IT moments. Tried it on and had one of those WHY AM I SO SMALL moments. But hey, it looks weird wearing high waisted leggings with a top that doesn't cover your bum and I like me some oversized clothing.
Now let's get started on the queens of all Christmas jewellery. I was sent these bauble earrings from The Little Jewellery Company and I'm in love. The colour is just stunning and I've been wearing these a lot. It does attract some weird looks from the public but if I'm feeling festive, I'm really festive.
I've had no problems with these as I expected, they're beautifully made and came in the most flawless packaging. I would really really recommend some of the jewellery from this company as a gift for someone of just as a treat for yourself. Y'all can also get 10% off your first purchase with the code EDIE10 so you have no excuse to not go and treat yourself.

although I was sent these earrings to review, it does not influence my opinion and I have been 100% honest as always


  1. That outfit is so cute Edie! x Looking forward to working with you on The Secret Blogger Project 2015! Be sure to let me know when you upload the posts so I can read them! x