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How Does My Style Reflect My Personality?


Eleanor Claudie is a genius, my friends. We'd been planning to do some sort of collab post and she came out with this amazing idea that we shoot an outfit we feel represents us and then write about style reflecting personality in general. I love this idea, as it's actually something I've been thinking about over the last few weeks. I've been in a bit of a slump: I can never find anything I feel comfortable wearing or want to wear, I'm ill, my eyebrows always go badly in the morning etc etc.. it's just that time of the year. But this really got me thinking about the ever-changing clothes I wear and how I'm influenced by different things. Example: for Halloween, I was Cher from Clueless. The next day I bought a second hand salmon jumper and a pink slip dress. I wore it with black fishnets and black vagabonds.

top - topshop (my mum's)
skirt - charity shop
shoes - dr martens
sunglasses - vintage
jacket - gap (oooooold)

I don't know if I would go as far to say that this outfit completely represents me, because looking back, I realise that it doesn't, at all, really (although this skirt gives me life (it's 10 sizes too big for me (no, really))). My style is definitely becoming more Petra Collins/Tavi Gevinson esque, and I think I'm slowly edging away from the relaxed, bohemian thing I had going on for a while. No promises though - it seems like every week I try to channel something new, and for some reason I'm just feeling that 'how many colours and textures can you fit into one outfit?' thing at the moment.

Although my style changes, a lot, I know there's one thing that'll never change. I love wearing wacky, unexpected things. Jeans and a jumper is never really something I go for anymore. Trends don't interest me anymore because there are effectively 52 micro-seasons per year which is ridiculous, and I want to stay as far away from fast and disposable fashion as I can. I'm really not afraid of colour. I love colour, and it's a rare day you'll see me wearing all monochrome. The other day, I needed a plain black t-shirt to wear under something and after looking for ages I realised I don't have one, or a plain white one, or grey. As I said, I love colour!

I don't know how to describe my personality. If I can, I'm pretty sure people don't guess my personality by looking at my clothes. They might think, 'ooh lots of colour, so she must be outgoing'. Sure I am, but I'm also quite shy at first. When people give me an odd look or whisper, I like to take it as a compliment. In the end, I really like wearing weird stuff. A lot of the time, I feel people wish that they could be more adventurous with clothing. I don't mean that to sound narcissistic or anything, but the fear of not being accepted is so common, and it makes me quite sad. Without expressing myself through clothing, I'd just be one big overflowing box of emotion and inspiration. 

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  1. Ah i love this Edie! You look gorgeous and this post is so good, like yourself without expressing myself through clothing I would be a mess as well :) it's been so nice to collab with you x

    1. Aw thank you so much, it's been lovely <3 xx

  2. You and your style are so adorable! I love how quirky and 'hip' your outfits are :)

  3. u look so good mate I stick to black white grey cream :) I just prefer to not stand out! And honestly I just prefer to not be analysed?! Like as you said when you wear colour people naturally assume you’re outgoing but nah nah. where am I g o i n g with this!??1

    Ambra xx penggaleng

    1. You literally crack me up so much Ambra, love u

  4. Love love love this <3 so gorgeous damnn
    xx Sofia

  5. Lovee that t-shirt and jacket oh my godddd. Jean jackets are honestly the best thing ever.

    Stella xx