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vintage button-down shirt


necklace - punky pins
leggings - american apparel

There's definitely a serious vintage theme going on here. You know when you've had your eye on something for ages but it's not thaaaaaaaaat important to justify spending all that money on it. Yep, well, my auntie bought the necklace for me for my birthday. I am eternally grateful. It's absolutely beautiful, the crazy florals are stunning. I'm wearing it with my vintage shirt I bought last year in Yorkshire. I LOVE IT. 
Punky Pins jewellery is the best and I've had my eye on the necklace for months. The way it rests is perfect and I absolutely love the colours too. This is, infact, the first time in eight days I've worn proper clothes. I was really ill and spent the whole week slobbed in my bedroom in my jimjams. Laziest person in the world award goes to me.

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  1. This is such a lovely outfit Edie!

    Bec x

  2. Back again! I just published BLOGMAS Day 10 and I'd love you to get involved in the things that I mentioned within that post! Head over to my blog to check it out and see if you're interested!

    Bec xxx