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open back leotard


skirt - jigsaw
coat - topshop
boots - h and m

Pout game strong in that top left photo eh? Before I ramble and you close the tab, I am fully aware how much this outfit makes me look like a business woman and that my back is way too bony.
I love this outfit - it's because the body and skirt together look like a dress and I personally think it looks quite flattering on me. Kinda felt like I should have been going somewhere a lot more glamorous than to pick my sister up but hey.
I invested in this body, as all the ones I've had before get really baggy and gross after a few wearings and washes. It'll be super useful for everything, worn with skirts, jeans, even as a base for other tops. And here's Topshop winning again with their winter coats. It's super cosy and warm, but really thin and not heavy at all, plus it fits like a dreeeaaaamm.

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