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secret cinema


dress - vintage
jacket - warehouse ( ooold )
shoes - asos

Ok, close your eyes, and picture the set of back to the future: overflowing with diners, 50s dresses, red lipstick and lightning bolts. Honestly, when I walked past 'Lou's cafe' and onto the grass before the town hall into the secret cinema I tried really hard to stop my jaw from hitting the ground in shock/amazement/happiness. If you don't know what secret cinema is, it's a event where they choose a film or a book or something and make the set ( yes, MAKE THE SET ). I'm not describing it well. When I went, there was the frock shop, with actors stressing about what they should wear to the dance, Biff was driving around in his car shouting at people, the under the sea dance was actually there - it was incredible. Well, for a back to the future obsessive ( obSESSIVE ). I would HUGELY recommend going, especially as on the website, they don't give you the address ( that's the secret paha ), they lead you to the place. It's basically right opposite the olympic park, so I think it would be pretty easy to find anyway.

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