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portugal and mallorca


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spanish market

When normal people come off holiday they sleep and relax, but me, I write rambly posts with too many pictures.
Anyway, me, my family and a few friends went on a three week holiday to Portugal ( two weeks ) and then Mallorca ( one week ). We stayed in lovely villas for both trips, and in Portugal we were right next to the sea and a crazy golf course which was cooool. In Mallorca we literally visited everywhere, all the historic sites, LOADS of markets, galleries etc etc. It was amazing wondering around all the cobbled streets and lovely lovely independent stores. They also had this health food shop with ( get this ) healthy chocolate. In between my legs falling off from all the walking we went swimming at this local pool with mushroom pad things ( I'm not describing it very well but the pool really was loads of fun ).
I've visited Portugal loads of times and it's one of my favourite places to go, and I love Mallorca equally.

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