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life updates


Hello, remember me?! I'm that girl who blogged for a while and then disappeared? All in good reason. I've never done an update sort of post on here, so  I feel like it's a good time to, here goes.
  • I went back to school recently, and all of the extra homework and stress is all a bit blah in my face.
  • I've been a bit behind on blogging ( and everything ) lately, but I have a lot of posts planned so y'all better be excited ;)
  • I appear to have discovered a new love for shopping and looking online for winter coats, and it's not even properly cold yet. I can't wait to wear them with oversized jumpers, fluffy boots, and tartan scarves. I'm just super excited for autumn to properly start.
  • The need of a way to get up straight away in the morning is greatly needed.
  • Tired. Tired tired tired tired tired.
  • Please can I just be her.
  • Time to go, have a cuppa, and watch some Sherlock.

now playing: sun structures temples/gotta get away the black keys/st. jude the courteneers

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