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So, as you know, if you've read my most recent post, I'm in a treehouse resort thingy in Hampshire, well I left yesterday, and on Tuesday we went to the most AMAZING place everrrr. It's this hotel/restaurant with the hugest front garden ever with a swing and everything. The inside of the restaurant ( I think it was called The Pig ) was designed as a greenhouse ( glass roof, lots of plants ). The atmosphere was so relaxing, and as for the food, WOW. It was honestly the best I've ever tasted. So, if you're ever in Hampshire and you can somehow find this restaurant, PLEEEAAAASE at least have a look around. They also had this mint and vanilla apple juice which sounds grooosss, but it's delicious. I'll probably post the recipe in a few days. Yup - I was so obsessed I asked the guy at the bar for a recipe.

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