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42 things to do after exams


It's that time of year again. The exams. Excuse me while I go vomit. I actually have no clue what I'm doing when it comes to revision - it's got to the stage where I'm in the middle of making a set of flashcards for a subject on quizlet and I end up doing 3 honesty hours on Aside from this, there's NO time to do posts, and I'm in a place with really crappy wifi for 5 days. I'm really sorry I haven't posted in like a month, so I'll do my best to do a few more posts before my exams start, which is Monday. I'm in this treehouse place somewhere in Devon and I took lots of photos so once I upload them I'll do a post. But here are some things I really want to do this summer, and I'll probably add some more as I go along. All the ones I've done are marked with ` ( I keep coming back and updating this ( hi from April 2016 )).
  1. Watch back to back ugly betty `
  2. Post lots `
  3. Sort out the blog `
  4. Sleep for 24 hours
  5. Go to a festival
  6. Tie dye stuff
  7. Go vintage shopping `
  8. Sort out my bedroom `
  9. Go to an outdoor cinema `
  10. Buy a flower headband `
  11. Play the hunger games with jess, grace and flynn `
  12. Dipdye my hair `
  13. Go to spain `
  14. Play hide and seek in ikea
  15. Try new strabucks drinks instead of always getting the peppermint chocolate cream frappe `
  16. Swim in the sea without getting out after 10 seconds `
  17. Go on a boat `
  18. Go surfing `
  19. Make cake pops
  20. Get lemon juice highlights whilst sunbathing ( hopefully ) `
  21. Perfect the messy bun `
  22. Pull an all nighter
  23. Sleep on a trampoline 
  24. Draw on white converse
  25. Have a nerf war
  26. Buy some vans
  27. Make a rainbow layer cake `
  28. Swing into water `
  29. Have a paint fight
  30. Have a movie marathon `
  31. Dance in the rain `
  32. Take underwater pictures `
  33. Finish my wreck this journal
  34. Go swimming at night time `
  35. Go to build a bear `
  36. Play in sprinklers `
  37. Swim with dolphins `
  38. Watch a sunrise and sunset in the same day
  39. Blow up a watermelon
  40. Go to a waterpark `
  41. Build a blanket fort `
  42. Make a slushie

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