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pineapple retro


Pineapple Retro. The amount of times I've heard my mum go on and on about this place. And when I finally went into it, I couldn't come out, yet the only thing I could afford was a cup I haven't even used yet. I should just be happy I finally got the chance to go, as it's in Hampshire, which is a looooong way to drive. It's my dream shop - bright colours and vintage fabrics, books, games, signs, AND EVERYTHING MOST THINGS WERE ORGANISED INTO COLOUR SCHEMES. That's not important though. When I walked in I had a brainwave that said BUY EVERYTHING, but after a closer look at the prices... nope. I completely fell in love with the artsy products, especially all the luminous lights. There was also a HUGE yellow statue of one of the signs you find on the front of men's loos, but I accidentally deleted the picture of that.
Let's count how many times I used capitals in that post.
So, last Wednesday I finished my exams and they were brutal. I'm in the midst of getting my results back and I won't talk about those anymore...


  1. Where is that shop and what's it called?

  2. It's called pineapple retro and is somewhere in hampshire x