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how to survive a sick day


Sick days. We all have them and nobody likes them. Except if you're faking it to get off a big maths exam - we've all done that too. I've been sick for the last two days and I'm ashamed proud to say I finished Ugly Betty on Netflix ( I am actually so upset that it's finished ) and started Sherlock which is THE ONLY SHOW I'VE SEEN WHICH HAS THAT MUCH SUSPENSE WHICH IS NOT NEEDED ( apart from the Woman in Black dur ). But even though sick days may get me off school, I still hate them as they can get so unbelievably boring. So this is how I survive them and I hope it helps you if you're coughing and sounding like you're choking like me :)

Read - is this where people throw rotten fruit at me? Even though it sounds boring there are some really good books out there. For example, divergent, the fault in our stars ( is there really any need to mention the authors?! ). If fiction isn't for you and you like more fashion/autobiographies etc PLEASE READ 'IT' BY ALEXA CHUNG.

Sleep - no explanation needed. Just you, a snuggly blanket and your dreams.

Make some tea - herbal tea is really nice if you're sick as it relaxes you and it doesn't have as much sugar as regular tea ( considering you take sugar in your tea... who doesn't?! ). My favourite at the moment is peppermint tea but I love chamomile and vervain.

Netflix/telly - haha. duh. If you don't have Netflix please get the free trial or actually just get it because it's sooooo good. You basically watch as many shows and movies as you like and you pay the same price each month ( I use my grandpa's account so I don't know what the overall price is but probably around £10 per month? ). They have just about everything on there, and I've discovered some of my favourites ( ugly betty, family weekend, the vampire diaries ( don't judge it's emotional and I love Damon )). If you can't be bothered to get Netflix ( well you're dumbbb ) my favourite channel to watch is comedy central, mainly entirely because of Friends. If it's not on, I'll turn off the telly and cry. Is it sad I've got I'll be there for you on my spotify playlist??

Listen to music - I recent got spotify so I listen to most music on there. Some of my favourites at the moment are:
Full Circle by Half Moon Run
Somebody Told Me by The Killers
Lonely Hearts Club by Marina and The Diamonds
Funhouse by Pink
Ain't It Fun by Paramore
4x4 by Miley Cyrus
Knee Socks and Snap Out Of It by The Arctic Monkeys
Rihanna by Clean Bandit

I'm sorry if this was boring - this post turned out to be a lot longer than I was expecting.

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