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rhodes island


Greek Market/old town

Sorry for the complete overload of photos. But Greece ( rhodes island ) has probably been my all time favourite holiday. So many bright colours, incredible food and landscapes and everything was just so beautiful. I think some of my very distant and ooolllddd relatives grew up in Rhodes and it was so lovely visiting all the old shops and houses they used to own. But the market. Oh my days. It was hands down incredible. I don't think I've ever seen so many bright colours in one place. And not so fun fact, they paint the bottom of the trees white so ants don't crawl up them :)
But my favourite stall ( I say stall, it was on a boat ) was a little place selling shells. It's the first shop I've ever seen that was on a boat. The shells there were so adorable and the layout was amazing and I came out with about 5 of the dyed starfish.
The hotel we were staying in was 5 star so I felt very privileged and fancy! And somehow I was persuaded to go paragliding and to be pulled on an inflatable thing by a speed boat. It was the most terrifying experience of my life. Every time the boat turned you felt like the inflatable was about to capsize ( you were basically swung off ) and if you let go you'd be stranded in veeerrryy deep seawater - if you're like me and get scared that there's sharks even in shallow water, you can imagine how scary that would be.
So thumbs up if you can see how terrified I am in those two pictures.

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