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i have lost my humanity


pictures from my tumblr.

Okay I'm not gonna lie. This post is so ridiculously ironic I'm tempted to take it down/delete my other tumblr post. You see, I did a post with the title why tumblr annoys me, basically explaining why I did't have a tumblr account and why tumblr annoyed me ( note past tenses - suspense ). But after posting that I had a look on tumblr ( on a computer - don't worry pals - that was not a serious word I am not a cowboy ) and thought 'how hard can it be to set up an account?' Turns out very.
The actual setting up is probably the most frustrating thing apart from finding a picture that fits the YouTube channel art section ( I can't even begin to explain the struggle ). But once I had the account set up I think I re-blogged about 60 pictures in 10 minutes. I can really see why it's so addictive. Basically 10 tumblr minutes is 3 human hours and believe me once you've joined tumblr you're not human.
My tumblr is themed black, white and green. I know that is ridiculously overrated ( WHY IS EVERYONE SO OBSESSED WITH PLANTS ) but it was either that or text posts and once I find a text post account it's just scrolling and reading until I've read them all.
My phone STILL isn't letting me get the tumblr app so I'm going to have to make-do with my dad's EXTREMELY annoying android/very very old computer because he refuses to get a mac.
Let's count how many times I said the word tumblr in that.

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