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mint and vanilla apple juice recipe


A few posts back I mentioned going to the fanciest restaurant in the history of forever ( so fancy I've forgotten the name ), and I had this amazing mint and vanilla apple juice. It was so delicious I asked the barman for a recipe. He was pretty rubbish though. Only gave me the obvious. This left me to do a bit of trial and error, and, after making about 4, I was getting compliments from my family about how delicious the drink was. So here's the recipe.

You will need
  • a glass/mason jar jug
  • crushed ice
  • cloudy apple juice
  • fresh mint
  • vanilla extract
  • fill the glass up half way with the crushed ice
  • fill up the rest with the apple juice
  • put the teeniest tiniest drop of vanilla extract in and mix it thoroughly ( I swear I've never used that word before )
  • put the fresh mint leaves somewhere in the drink and the flavour will soon spread, adding some sweetness
  • drink outside in the sun and be glamorous with your non alcoholic cocktail. I very much doubt this counts as a cocktail though

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