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When In Margate


Just over a month ago we ( my mum and my 4 best friends ) headed off to Margate for the weekend, so I thought I'd share a few of the many photos we took, and what we got up to! Also, this post contains me wearing a very yellow 'Clueless' inspired jacket.. just so you're prepared.

Obviously spending hours on the beach and taking photos by brightly coloured beach huts was a must.. even though it was raining. We're all quite outgoing people, so having people stare at us whilst recreating the titanic pose with five people wasn't a problem.

There was the cutest mini golf place on the beach so therefore we had to go.

Really cute American diner with the best veggie burgers you've ever tasted, playing 60's films while we ate.

Dreeeeaamland. The main focus of our trip. The whole place was insane, and very retro. We went roller skating whilst listening to disco music, went on the top spin right after lunch (don't), and generally just had a really lovely day.

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  1. Looks like you had a lovely time. Loving all of the photos and Margate looks like such a retro place, definitely somewhere I would love to visit (also u rock that jacket)

    Tabitha |

    1. We did :) You definitely should! Thank you so much <3

      Edie x