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How to Turn a Silk Scarf Into a Top - Two Ways


I love silk scarves. I collect them from vintage and charity shops, and I now have quite the collection (a ridiculous amount). I love wearing them in my hair, but other than that I never really wear them. But then I got to thinking, how can I have all of these beautiful pieces of fabric just laying around? I'd seen quite a few pictures of silk scarves as tops and though it looked so gorgeous. I'm a huge fan of the care-free, natural aesthetic recently, and I can just imagine frolicking (frolicking) on the beach wearing this and some shorts. If you have any old scarves gathering dust, I hope you find this useful. Don't let anything go to waste!

⭐ Halve the scarf diagonally so the scarf becomes a triangle.

⭐ Place the scarf in front of your body and fold a two inch fold down the longer side.
⭐ Place the middle of the tip of the triangle over your belly button to ensure it is centered.
⭐ Pull the sides of the scarf behind you, placing it under your arms, and tie a secure knot at your mid-back.
⭐ Halve the scarf diagonally so the scarf becomes a triangle.

⭐ Fold the triangle in half, from the top triangle tip to the longest edge.
⭐ Fold again so you get a thick band.
⭐ Tie the scarf around your chest and tie a knot in the front as tight as you can.

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  1. ooh cheek-ayyy, I've been onto the scarf as top look recently, I love the second style! The scarf itself is so pretty too


  2. This is so creative! I feel to try it out some day :)

    abi |

    1. Yes you definitely should, I think it looks great x