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50 facts about me


1. I can NEVER take a good selfie.
2. I hate peas.
3. I'm allergic to cats.
4. I've basically had a fringe on and off since I was 3, currently trying to grow it out.
5. I am ridiculously unfit.
6. I love having plants in my room but they always die on me.
7. I really don't like Physics.
8. I drink too much coffee.
9. My hair never grows.
10. Most of the clothes I own are either too big or too small.
11. I have a really long 'wish list' on my phone.
12. My middle name is Skai ( pronounced sky ).
13. My actual name is not pronounced like Eddie - eedee.
14. Most of my posts are spur of the moment at 2am.
15. I love The Vaccines.
16. And Royal Blood.
17. And Alabama Shakes.
18. I like Netflix.
19. I like hot chocolate even more.
20. I always have dark circles under my eyes.
21. Can you tell I'm running out of ideas yet?
22. I've been blogging since September 2013 ( I used to have another blog ).
23. I'm constantly redesigning my blog trying to make it look better.
24. I like acting.
25. My favourite scent is the Sea Spray by Lush.
26. I can't believe I have to think of 24 more interesting facts about me.
27. My lucky number is 7.
28. I own a lot of purple pens.
29. My room is never how I want it to look.
30. Tea is like a hug.
31. I love smelling lavender.
32. Brick Lane ( and everywhere near Soho House, including Columbia Road ) is my favourite place in London.
33. I have a teeny little Maltese dog called Poppy.
34. Who is VERY hyper.
35. I saw Kylie Minogue once at a gallery.
36. I eat a lot of muesli.
37. I used to think that broccoli was pronounced vroccoli ( ? ).
38. I am pretty obsessed with taking photos.
39. When people chew with their mouth open I explode.
40. If my name wasn't Edie it would be Beatrice.
41. I am a serious and commited 90210 fan.
42. I hate the smell and taste of milk.
43. The best exhibition I've ever been to was the Alexander McQueen 'Savage Beauty' at the V&A.
44. I think I saw Darcy Bussel on the train.
45. I love books, but never have the time or concentration to sit down and have an hour long reading session.
46. I have French lessons 4 times a week and I can still only say bonjour.
47. I love the smell of paint.
48. I really want to visit Boston.
49. I used to be a vegetarian. 
50. I've just written 50 facts about me.


  1. Edie, I adore this list. You are right about Boston--it's a wonderful city!! I'm the same with French but it's a beautiful language. Some of us have the "language intelligence" and some of us don't. I'm the latter. Thanks for being so candid and sharing. Awesome post ♥

    Xoxo, Shelly

    1. Thank you so so much Shelly, your comments are always lovely x